Our Story

WeEDIT was founded with a simple idea in mind: that the memories we make with our loved ones deserve to be preserved as fully as possible. For the longest time, the only way to preserve our memories was through photography.

We filled
up photo albums

with family vacations, birthdays, and special events of all kinds with the intention of sharing them with as many people as possible. They did a commendable job, but they didn’t paint the full picture.

Kid with Camera
Today, we live
in an age

where video technology like Vine, YouTube and Snapchat is all-encompassing. Why should we limit ourselves only to photos? Our lives are in constant motion, so why shouldn’t our memories be as well? While we’re at it, why shouldn’t we include a fitting soundtrack that matches our emotions? Finally, is there a service comparable to today’s online photo album companies where one could order such video and get a quality product without spending hours and/or losing a shirt in the process? These are the questions that the founders of WeEDIT asked themselves, and found that the only solution was to do it themselves.

In a Nutshell
Here are the three fundamental beliefs we built our service on
We believe that photos, videos, and a soundtrack are the ingredients for an amazing way to preserve and share memories in the 21st century.
We believe that no one is better prepared to get the best out of your footage than our trained, experienced, and creative professionals.
Last but not least, we believe that our service should be as affordable and take as little (or less!) effort as ordering a photo album online.
Our goal is modest – to revolutionize the way we preserve our memories. Join the revolution, make your first video and you’ll never look back.

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