Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of events does WeEDIT specialize in?
Isn’t it too expensive to rely on human editors?
How do you manage to create great videos at a low price?
I love the service! Do you have a referral program?
What type of editing is done by WeEDIT?
Where are you located?


What are the materials needed to create a video clip?
Which cloud storage services do you currently support?
Can I use more than one song?
What if I don’t have enough materials to fill the entire duration of a song?
What music should I choose?
Is there a music library I could choose from?
Is there any limits on the size of the input files?
What is the fastest way of creating a video on WeEDIT?
Can I share my files with WeEDIT by sending a Dropbox or Google Drive link?


How do you calculate the final price for each project?
What's the average price of a video editing?
How long does it take to create a video?
What if I have duplicate files in my project - will you count them twice in the final price?

Final Video

What is the final product? What do I get in the end?
Can I order longer videos?
Can I order shorter videos?
Can I ask for modifications after the video is ready?
I am seeing WeEDIT watermark over the video - is it permanent?
Why can’t there be more revisions?
Can I play the final video on my smartphone/TV/etc.?
Do I have to leave feedback for a completed video?
Can I get a refund if I don't like the final version?


Can I trust my personal files to you?
Will you be able to access all the documents I store in my cloud drive (Dropbox or Google Drive) if I link it to WeEDIT?


I can’t select some local files when using my Apple computer - they are grayed out.
I am getting an error when uploading large files to WeEDIT from local storage
I cannot see thumbnails of some images I've shared with WeEDIT. Why?

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