Frequently Asked Questions

For Personal Videos


What kind of events does WeEDIT specialize in?
Isn’t it too expensive to rely on human editors?
How do you manage to create great videos at a low price?
I love the service! Do you have a referral program?
What type of editing is done by WeEDIT?
Where are you located?
How custom order does work


What are the materials needed to create a video clip?
Which cloud storage services do you currently support?
Can I use more than one song?
What if I don’t have enough materials to fill the entire duration of a song?
What music should I choose?
Is there a music library I could choose from?
Is there any limits on the size of the input files?
What is the fastest way of creating a video on WeEDIT?
Can I share my files with WeEDIT by sending a Dropbox or Google Drive link?


How do you calculate the final price for each project?
What's the average price of a video editing?
How long does it take to create a video?
What if I have duplicate files in my project - will you count them twice in the final price?

Final Video

What is the final product? What do I get in the end?
Can I order longer videos?
Can I order shorter videos?
Can I ask for modifications after the video is ready?
I am seeing WeEDIT watermark over the video - is it permanent?
Why can’t there be more revisions?
Can I play the final video on my smartphone/TV/etc.?
Do I have to leave feedback for a completed video?
Can I get a refund if I don't like the final version?
What happens to the final video if I neither accept nor reject the final cut?


Can I trust my files to you?
Will you be able to access all the documents I store in my cloud drive (Dropbox or Google Drive) if I link it to WeEDIT?


I can’t select some local files when using my Apple computer - they are grayed out.
I am getting an error when uploading large files to WeEDIT from local storage
I cannot see thumbnails of some images I've shared with WeEDIT. Why?

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