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They grow so fast. Capture all their firsts and make them last. First 12 months, soccer triumphs, and recitals.


Experience your adventures all over again. From weekend getaways to epic vacations, keep the spirit alive with just the right music and memories.


Celebrate with highlights from your wedding, anniversary, or create a compilation of birthday wishes.


The motion is everything! Prove your moves in a video that will last to wow your grandkids.

Life Chapters

Life is a journey. Turn the videos you take into a story that reflects a friendship, a year, or a special chapter.

Custom Projects

You need corrections, time lapse, subtitles, blurring, or more? Big or small, WeEDIT it all.*

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Price includes ONE FREE revision. Price covers personal videos with final duration up to 5 minutes. Please use Custom Project form if you need longer videos or videos for business purposes.
Sample prices based on average order data
Combined lenght of Videos
Number of Photos
Baby's first year
10 - 25 min
50 - 150
$28.99 - $59.99
Birthday party
10 - 40 min
50 - 120
$28.99 - $69.99
Week-long vacation
10 - 40 min
80 - 200
$33.99 - $83.99
Wedding highlights
30 - 120 min
200 - 300
$73.99 - $179.99



With WeEDIT, a typical vacation video costs just under $40. No other human-powered editing service can beat that price. Use our price calculator for detailed estimates.

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Through strict selection, we hire the very best editors. As a result, your raw footage gets turned into an unforgettable gem. It's yours to download and share.

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